Increase in the death toll of COVID-19 patients in India

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With the widespread outbreak of the third wave of the COVID-19 in India, reports from the countries health officials indicate that in at least the last 24 hours, the Ministry of Health has recorded the highest number of corona deaths. At least 3,700 people have died overnight from the disease.


In a newsletter, the Indian Ministry of Health said that overnight, they had registered 329,000 new cases of coronavirus that affected people in the country.


The reports come as at least yesterday the country health sector reported the registration of more than 400,000 new cases of infected patients with the COVID-19 virus, the highest number of daily infections of COVID-19 since the outbreak of the third corona wave. It is considered a new disaster for the Indian health sector.


The widespread outbreak of COVID-19 in India has put too much pressure on the country’s healthcare system, and all hospitals in the country face a lack of facilities, beds, and primary care for patients infected with COVID-19.


An extensive vaccination program begins in India

With the increase in the number of people affected with COVID-19, India has launched a wide-ranging vaccination program in the wake of a new round of the Coronavirus crisis.


Indian media have reported that as of today, 2/5/2021, all people over 18 are eligible to receive the vaccine. But several states have said they will not be able to get the vaccine because of the shortage of it in the current conditions.


COVID-19 vaccination system in India is said to be in critical condition at the moment, and the country’s medical sector is severely affected by the new wave of COVID-19 epidemics.


The reports indicate that more than 150 million have received the COVID-19 vaccine; the Indian government hopes that they would be able to implement this program as soon as possible. However, according to experts, it is unlikely that India will be able to reach the predetermined goal of vaccinating 250 million people in the upcoming two months, significantly when the incidence of the virus is intensifying and increasing day by day. Is.