Increased incidence of Covid-19 in the world and the oxygen crisis in Indonesia

World یاسین ساداتMohammad Yasin Saadat Monday July 5th, 2021 0 Views



As the number of people living with Covid-19 increases in some Indonesian cities, officials have instructed oxygen producers to prioritize medical needs in the country. Indonesia hospitals, meanwhile, say they have run out of oxygen, and reports say at least 63 people have died in a hospital due to a lack of oxygen.


An average of 25,000 Indonesians is reported to be infected with Covid-19 every day. Health officials say the reasons for the increase in the prevalence of Covid-19 in the country are increased travel and transmission of the coronavirus delta species. Indonesia currently has the worst situation among Southeast Asian countries, with 2.3 million infected with Covid-19 and the loss of 60,000 citizens.


However, experts believe that the actual statistics are much higher than what is officially announced, and the reason is the lack of corona tests outside Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. Since last week, central quarantine and curfews have been enforced in central Sumatra, and the tourist island of Bali has been closed to tourists.


Over the weekend, emergency and intensive care units at Bandung, Surakarta, and Pamela Kasan General Hospitals reported overcrowding. They sometimes forced some patients to stay out of the hospital and go home. Send.


“There is a war-like emergency here,” said a hospital visitor seeking medical care for his aging mother. The hospital did not accept his mother because she no longer had an empty bed, and she had to admit her mother to one of the tents outside the hospital. Indonesian health officials have called on industries that produce hospital and health products to increase their oxygen production, and people have been urged not to hoard oxygen.