Interior Ministry warns Taliban mediators on battlefields

Afghanistan Mohammaddin AgharkhilMohammaddin Agharkhil Sunday June 13th, 2021 0 Views



As the fighting spread across the country, the Taliban took on a new trick. In the latest case, a ministry spokesman reported on the Taliban group’s ploy. He stressed that the country’s security and defense forces sought to punish those who collaborated with the Taliban.


A statement from the Afghan Interior Ministry said that the government had decided to identify and punish the suspects. Tariq Arian writes: “Recently, several influential local names in some provinces have been mediating to hand over security checkpoints to Taliban terrorists, which is a direct collaboration with the enemy. Several people have been arrested in connection with this case. “If anything, the country’s security and defense forces have already been ordered to detain them.”


However, the weakness of the government leadership in managing this war has been criticized, and most believe that the inadequacies of the leaders of the security agencies have led to the downfall of security checkpoints. Still, an interior ministry spokesman spoke of the country’s military’s ability to fight the Taliban. Arian added: “The country’s security and defense forces are fighting vigorously and heroically against the enemies of the Afghan people, and the people have always stood by their security and defense forces to defend their homeland, property, life, honor, and values.” “The country’s defense appreciates the people ‘s constant support and cooperation.”


The warning comes from the Afghan Interior Ministry leadership as the Taliban are currently occupying more districts and geographies in parts of the country. The government ostensibly believes that the fall of the sections is a military tactic, and the security forces will, in most cases, be forced to retreat tactically. But military experts say the lack of fundamental management in the country’s security structures has led the Taliban to gain more control over the region.


In the latest case, at least two districts in Farah province have fallen to the Taliban due to deadly attacks by insurgents. The Taliban claimed in a newsletter that they had arrested dozens of soldiers, including the army and the ANP, during the operation. Still, government officials have denied the allegations, saying they have suffered heavy casualties in recent Taliban fighting.


On the other hand, in the latest case, unconfirmed reports indicate that Afghan Defense Minister Asadullah Khalid has left Afghanistan again due to health problems. Still, officials at the Ministry of Defense have not yet commented on the matter.