Introducing two members of Parliament to the Attorney General for providing incorrect and confidential information in registering their assets

Reporter: Imran Foroubli

After Amrullah Saleh, the first vice president of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan accused many Parliament members of corruption, usurpation, forgery, and embezzlement. Now, in the latest case, at least two months after its creation, the Anti-Corruption Commission informs the Attorney General about introducing two Parliament for concealing and providing incorrect and misleading information about their assets.

“Every year, all the assets of government officials are registered and inspected, including suspicious assets,” Abdul Qayyum Nezami, head of the Anti-Corruption Commission, who assured the agency’s independence in fighting corruption, told the Pasbanan news agency. “High-ranking government officials are segregated, and the Anti-Corruption Commission evaluates all cases.”

Mr. Nezami emphasizes that this department has introduced two members of parliament to the prosecutor’s office. “After the assessments, a person is asked to explain his assets and share their sources with us in the first step. If the details are not provided, the case will send the case file to the Attorney General’s Office for investigation,” he said. “The case of the two members of parliament has been referred to the prosecutor’s office for providing false, misleading, and secret information by the Anti-Corruption Commission.”

According to Mr. Nezami, after investigating the prosecutors in charge of the case, the next steps will be followed up and investigated following the law. He also calls on the prosecutor’s office to pursue this case transparently. At the same time, with repeated calls, we could not get the Attorney General’s spokesman’s opinion on this issue. However, some heads of the Anti-Corruption Commission say that sent these cases sent these cases to the Attorney General’s Office on Thursday morning. They are committed to following up on these two parliament members until the last stage.

Two weeks ago, three senators were prosecuted by the Attorney General and National Security for allegedly taking $ 40,000 in bribes, but each of the Hairatan port employees reportedly demanded a $ 40,000 bribe. Who were simultaneously captured by the security forces? However, there are reports that the senators are not detained but released.

According to Transparency International, Afghanistan has been one of the world’s most corrupt countries for several years. But the Afghan government has repeatedly promised the people and the international community to punish the corruption of its predecessors, a commitment that has remained a slogan.