Iran: The terrifying sound in Zahedan is probably related to the crash of Zafar satellite components

People in some villages around Zahedan heard screams on Sunday evening, and a local official said the sound was probably related to the collapsing parts of Zafar satellite.
“The origin of this is outside the province, and we are scrutinizing the details,” Mohammad Hadi Marashi, deputy police security officer for Sistan-Baluchistan province’s governorate, told AFP.
“Initial investigations are likely to be due to the collapse of parts of Zafar’s satellite,” he added. “These pieces have fallen into the uninhabited area of ​​Zahedan’s suburbs and there is no concern for the citizens.”
According to IRNA, at least two terrifying and frequent voices in the area of ​​Sarjangal and Chah Ahmad Zahedan that lit up the sky had caused some people to worry.