Istanbul meeting or second Bonn?

The Istanbul summit is likely to take place in the last days of April for three to ten days. All Afghans and politicians are worried about what will happen to Afghanistan at the Istanbul summit, a meeting between the Taliban and the government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. Peace is signed.

Officials at the Supreme National Reconciliation Council, meanwhile, say an important agenda for the meeting may be to discuss the US plan for peace in Afghanistan, but the EU says it has not yet received a formal invitation.

But some political currents in the country warn that if the achievements of the Afghan people for 20 years are ignored in this meeting, the post-Bonn crisis will be repeated in the country.

“The agenda of the Istanbul summit is not clear yet and the formation of an interim government will not cure any pain. The Afghan government wants peace.

Those who do not want peace in Afghanistan are proposing an interim government,” said Hamdullah Moheb, the president’s national security adviser.

Some time ago, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinkin sent a plan for the future government of Afghanistan to President Ghani and the chairman of the National Reconciliation Council. But Mr. Blinkin’s plan was met with reactions from politicians and the people of Afghanistan.

The United States rejected the vote on the Afghan peace process and instead introduced its plan, which calls for new elections within six months.

Mr. Ghani had said he would never step down, according to a plan put forward by the United States.

But the Taliban group ruled out holding early elections, which Ghani reportedly proposed. Reports suggest that President Ghani will propose early elections at the Istanbul Conference in response to the US plan.

So it remains to be seen whether President Ghani will step down at the Istanbul summit and the interim government will take office, or he will head the early election plan.

If the Taliban group accepts President Ghani’s early election plan and a new president comes to the country through the elections, this is in Ghani’s interest because his name will be registered in the list of Afghanistan’s peace heroes!

If Ghani’s plan is not accepted by the Taliban and the Istanbul meeting ends in vain, and the Taliban increase their attacks on the people and an unexpected war will occur, Mr. Ghani will travel to Western countries with some of his entourage. Woe to the poor people of Afghanistan

Reporter: Mohammad Nabi Karimi