Kabul International Airport remains active by international standards

Afghanistan محمدالدین آغرخیلMohammad Din Agharkhail Saturday June 12th, 2021 0 Views




Simultaneously with the vote to hand over the security and management of Kabul Airport to the Turkish military, the Afghan government has now announced that Kabul International Airport (Hamid Karzai International Airport) will remain operational. The Afghan National Security Council has stated that the Afghan government can control and manage the airport.

Rahmatullan Andar NSA Spokesman

Rahmatullah Andar, the spokesman for the National Security Council, announced today (6/12/2021) that the decision was made during a meeting between the National Security Adviser and NATO civilian and military officials. “Kabul International Airport remains active as before, and the Security Council Adviser is closely monitoring the transfer process. Yesterday, the National Security Council Advisor went to Hamid Karzai International Airport and met with the Joint Transfer Commander, General Didrick. “NATO’s civilian ambassador and commander of Turkish forces in Afghanistan monitored the airport and the transfer process.”


Ander emphasizes that during this meeting, the National Security Advisor monitored all parts of Kabul Airport. A spokesman for the Afghan National Security Council was quoted as saying: “During the meeting, the National Security Adviser on the process of air traffic control, fire and rescue services, meteorological unit, airport security management, radar system, telecommunications and surveillance, guidance and administration, maintenance and surveillance “And oversaw the security of Hamid Karzai International Airport.”


The spokesman for the National Security Council added that Afghanistan is the country of Afghans, and they now can regulate and manage their land and climate, and they can do this job well. While acknowledging the Afghan citizens’ responsibility towards Hamid Karzai International Airport, the Afghan National Security Council said the day before that NATO Secretary General’s member states are currently voting to take responsibility for securing and managing the airport. Extradite Hamid Karzai to Turkey.


With the surrender of Hamid Karzai International Airport, the Afghan government has reportedly taken full responsibility for its airspace. Still, NATO and US officials are concerned that new threats could be made by handing over the country’s airspace to Afghanistan. And seriously challenge diplomatic missions in Afghanistan.