Nangarhar district governor wounded in a landmine explosion

Afghanistan عمران فروبلیعمران فروبلی Thursday May 27th, 2021 0 Views


Local officials in Nangarhar province say a car bomb exploded at a car carrying the Kama district governor in the eighth district of Jalalabad, injuring Mr. Sharifullah Afzali, the district governor with two of his bodyguards.
Farid Khan, the spokesman for the Nangarhar Police Command, confirmed the news to the media on Thursday (May 27th) and told the media that the incident took place today at 8:15 AM when a mine was planted on the car of Sharifullah Afzali, Kameh district governor exploded.

He added that the Kama district governor and two of his bodyguards were injured in the blast, which took place in the eighth district of Jalalabad city in Daman district.

A spokesman for the Nangarhar Police Command called the health condition of the injured satisfactory.
No group or individual has claimed responsibility for the attack, but security officials have repeatedly blamed the Taliban.

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Deadliest day for the Taliban, 280 killed and wounded across Afghanistan


As US forces begin withdrawing from Afghanistan and fighting intensifies on the battlefield, security sources claim to have inflicted heavy casualties on Taliban fighters in the past 24 hours. Security sources said that all these operations were launched in 11 provinces of the country.


However, the Ministry of Defense says that in recent days, with the capacity of the country’s security and defense forces, these forces have been repelling Taliban attacks daily, a claim confirmed by Deputy Defense Ministry spokesman Fawad Aman.


In the latest case, the Ministry of Defense (MoD) said in a statement that the country’s security and defense forces had inflicted heavy casualties on Taliban fighters in the past 24 hours and a large amount of ammunition and weapons during the clashes. As a result, these operations massive equipment and ammunition of Taliban have fallen to the security forces, and some of the group’s equipment has been destroyed.


The statement said: “186 Taliban insurgents were killed, 94 others were wounded, and some of their light and heavy weapons and ammunition fell into the hands of the security and defense forces in the clashes and counterattacks by the country’s security and defense forces. “This equipment was destroyed.”


The casualties were inflicted on the Taliban in Nuristan, Laghman, Logar, Maidan Wardak, Zabul, Uruzgan, Herat, Balkh, Jawzjan, Helmand, Badakhshan, and Takhar provinces.


The newsletter also mentions the dismantling of 28 mines planted by the Taliban in different parts of the country to target civilians and security and defense forces.


In the continuation of this newsletter, the Ministry of National Defense claimed that the clashes and counterattacks of the country’s defense and security forces were in a defensive state. The purpose of launching it was to respond to Taliban fighters in parts of the country.


The Taliban launched the attacks, who, while accelerating the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan, see the Taliban as the only option for resolving the Afghan crisis.


Reports also indicate that 50 percent of US troops have now withdrawn from Afghanistan and that all foreign forces are due to be completed by September 11, 2021. Still, the Taliban have expanded their fighting to test their strength further.


Currently, fighting between the country’s security and defense forces continues in nearly 21 provinces. Although the Afghan government has called for a ceasefire by the Taliban, the group has responded to the government’s demand by escalating the fighting. The Taliban have not yet commented on the MoD claim.