Kunduz Mullah Imams: Taliban should Start negotiations with the government and end the war

As violence escalates after three days of ceasefire during Eid and the group’s attacks on civilians and military in the country increase, a number of religious scholars in Kunduz are now calling on the Taliban to end their violence and hold talks with the government. Start peace.

The clerics are pleased with the Taliban’s three-day ceasefire during Eid and are urging the group to start peace talks as soon as possible.

Maulvi Abdul Rahman Javad, a religious scholar in Kunduz, called on the government to enter into negotiations for peace in the country.

Meanwhile, Mohammad Ayaz Niazi, a preacher at the Wazir Mosque in Wazir Mohammad Akbar Khan and a professor at Kabul University, was killed in an explosion inside the mosque on Tuesday (June 2th). Religious scholars and civil society activists blame the Taliban.

Reporter: Firdous Rasouli