Latest News: Arrest of four rocket attackers on Kabul city

Reporter: Abdul Nazir Qaderi

Following the increase in terrorist attacks, especially missile attacks by the armed opposition on the capital, the General Directorate of National Security finally announced the arrest of the perpetrators of these attacks. According to the General Directorate of National Security of Afghanistan’s newsletter: “the special forces of this organization were able to detain four people connected with the missile attacks on Kabul city. A statement from the Afghan National Directorate of Security (NDS) also states: “these suspects were also involved in the Bagram Airport attacks, and they had an active share. These people were arrested from the 17th district of Kabul.”

Four suspects have been arrested in connection with rocket attacks on Kabul as the capital witnessed targeted attacks in recent days, including magnetic mines’ detonation. In the deadly incident of a magnetic mine explosion that happened the day before in Kabul, the Fifth Police District commander was killed. Meanwhile, sources in the General Directorate of National Security emphasize that efforts are underway to identify and detain terrorist cells in the capital.