Live after failure!

Ernesto Che Guevara says:
“I don’t even consider my death a failure, instead I will only regret the unfinished song with me!”
In the life of a person, there may be things that come from one’s own will, but accepting failure to live and not be sad can be a huge success.
As we confront a few words of failure, the various questions of our minds slowly conquer, including;
What a failure?
The failure of love?
Such questions are promptly and unintentionally created in the minds of all of us, complaining about our psyche.
Can only the failure of love affect a person’s life?
Of course, with failure, we have a lot of unforgettable memories and memories, for example;
– The failure of the life
– Esoteric failure
– Mental failure
– Target failure
– Failure to do so
The depth of the effects of each of these is greater in every individual’s life, and its mark on the end of human life is steadily increasing.
When we fail at something, often at the global level, instead of thinking about our present temporary situation, we think we are not only a failure but a loser. Unpleasant emotions and worthlessness destroy us, leading to subsequent mistakes and failures.
Human life is full of different purposes, like an underground covered gem that is in stark competition with winning and losing and has no chance of thinking about losing.
Success requires discipline, so the loss of another branch of this accepted success is the process of human life.
The question is, what will life be like after failure? Will we be the same person before?
The word itself is a silent and destructive “defeat” word that the destructive effects of failure can be seen through the glasses of a failed person; Submission, failure to accept responsibility, abandonment of purpose and …
So many bitter tastes, the damage has been tried by every sufferer that returning to normal is a difficult task!
More clearly, the word defeat has come up with different meanings, but now it is constantly reflected in the context of a concept.
Let’s follow the concept of failure from the circle of “failure of love”!
Dependent people are always confronted with the defeat of love, dependents either do not enter into a relationship for fear of leaving or, if they do, cling to the other so as not to allow the servant of God to breathe easily. They depend on each other for the meaning of their lives, so one day they are tired of not having free personal space and suggest that the relationship be broken.
The foundation of every person’s life is the heart and the brain, when the path of love to the heart is opened, no rain can clear its foot until it clears the brain. They close and hold the door of honesty open.
Love is one of the most important milestones of any human being’s life, often when people want to define the important parts of their lives. One of the most important parts they rely on is the love experience they have had with each other.
For example, for an elderly couple who have endured life together through the hardships of life – both economic and livelihoods – together, the greatest asset is a reminder that the best reason to remember them is Their mutual love is mutual.
Failure after love is a result of the filthy wounds and wounds that are being renewed day by day.
Nothing in this world is eternal. Even our joys are dying moment by moment, and we are never happy in the second moment as in the first moment, and the next moment we return to our normal routine. Just like the waves that are created by throwing rocks into the water and disappearing gradually.
In the recent past, failure should be our teacher, failure is a delay, not a failure. It’s a temporary diversion, not a final stalemate. Only when we say nothing, do nothing and be nothing can we prevent failure!
– freshta mahboby