May 1: Final Foreign Troops withdraw get started, Increase Surge in Violence in Afghanistan

In Afghanistan the Taliban on Starday have attacked and overrun a key Afghan army base in Ghazni province, capturing dozens of soldiers and some were killed in clashes. 

In the latest Taliban attack in the early morning of Saturday in Ghazni province at least 17 Afghan army soldiers were killed or wounded, local officials said. 

At a press conference, In Kabul, Gen. Mohammad Yasin Zia, who is currently acting defense minister of Afghanistan has confirmed to reporters the overrun of the security installation to the Taliban in Ghazni province of Afghanistan– which did not give further details. 

Meanwhile, another Afghan army commander in Kandahar province told in the anonymous condition that the Taliban group had put up huge military pressure on Southern Afghanistan, in neighboring Kandahar province the security situation is dire as a resident told to TOLO NEWS.  

On Saturday US and NATO forces formally began withdrawing after 20 years of war. Recently about 2,500-3,500 US troops and about 7,000 soldiers remain or are stationed in Afghanistan. “Time for American troops to come home,” Joe Biden has announced the US withdrawing from” forever war” by Sept.11. 

The Taliban claimed they seized heavy and light weaponry from the Afghan army, Zabiullah Mujahid said its fighters captured 25 army personnel and “killed a number of others”.

On Friday night a powerful blast occurred in Southern Logar province, a car bomb with explosives exploded near a guest house and killed more than 20 people including civilians, and wounded more than 100. Yet no side takes responsibility.

Local News

Presidential reaction to the bloody Logar incident

Afghan President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has reacted sharply to yesterday’s bloody incident in Logar province.

The Presidential Palace condemned the attack in a newsletter on Saturday (May 11th), saying that “a large number of people, including young people who were staying at a hotel to take the entrance exam, were killed in the attack.”

Condemning the terrorist attack, Mr. Ghani blamed the Taliban for the attack, adding: “Even during the holy month of Ramadan, which is a month of mercy and forgiveness, the Taliban do not stop killing our people and damaging public facilities. have.”

“The Taliban are responsible to God Almighty and to the people of Afghanistan for this massacre of the Muslim people of Afghanistan,” he said.

“By continuing their illegitimate war and violence against the people, the Taliban have once again shown that they are not only unwilling to resolve the current crisis peacefully and fundamentally, but by complicating the situation, they are wasting the opportunity for peace. They are building.”

“President Ghani expressed his deep sympathy and grief to the families of the martyrs and gave the necessary instructions to the relevant authorities to treat the wounded and take care of the families of the victims,” ​​the presidential palace said.

According to the citadel, Mr. Ghani also instructed the security and defense forces not to leave this humanitarian crime of the Taliban unanswered.