Taliban Training

Military exercises in Pakistan training camps and panic to Afghanistan

Author: Ahmad Baig | military affairs Analyst

Taliban propaganda and military power maneuvers:

In recent days, Taliban spokesmen (Zabiullah Mujahid and Qari Muhammad Yusuf Ahmadi) and other propagandists of the group have released dozens of propaganda campaign pics on social media, especially on Twitter and Facebook, that highlights Taliban training in a well-equipped camp. the fighters claim that militants affiliated to Taliban groups are getting their military training in Afghanistan soil. The propaganda material of the Taliban indicates several well-equipped fighters in a training camp conducting military exercises, the issue that is shown as Taliban military camps inside the country. The recent propaganda pics appears to be an attempt to curb beliefs that the group has any dependency on the support of foreign countries, especially the region. The images released by the group’s spokespersons focus more on the process of military and destructive training in Afghanistan’s geography. The aim of this approach is to remove the accusations against the Taliban and their allies, also to draw the attention of the citizens of Afghanistan to support this group. Most importantly, the Taliban group have tried to prove their claim with this type of propaganda that the group has the potential to achieve the “Islamic Emirate of the Taliban” and regain political power in the country, and will continue to fight for this goal until dear last drop of blood.

Consequences of the Taliban’s extensive propaganda on the US peace agreement:

Following the signing of a peace agreement between the United States and the Taliban in Doha, Qatar, on February/29/2020, the group is trying to change its propaganda style to introduce a new face and prove that they are not only the active political and military groups, but they are structurally the Taliban’s claimant to the Islamic Emirate, and their claim must be recognized. In addition, the Taliban’s propaganda is being carried out with such conservatism these days that they do not object to the peace agreement signed by their leaders with the United States and they are not willing to violate the agreement reached between the two sides. But with the launch of new military exercises, the group wants to test its strength against the Afghan security and defense forces and continue its insurgent activities. A number of military experts in the daily bases joining political and military programs in the mass media claim that the group is directly involved in inflicting casualties to civilians and that their cowardly actions are a clear violation of the rules of war and the agreement signed between them and the United States.

Hidden facts of Taliban military camps:

In this article, we tried to introduce how the Taliban and its military camps are being operated. Undoubtedly, military exercises around the world are held outdoors in accordance with the country’s soil specifications and pre-determined locations. But Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid claimed in his latest tweet on April/4/2020 that the group’s fighters were engaged in military exercises in Khost province. The published images of the group’s training, however, have a different narrative, because by watching the published propaganda images, common sense dictates that the alleged situation is not in Khost province but in geography outside Afghanistan, in another dimension of the Taliban tried to challenge the local governance in Khost province. In terms of weather these days, Khost province is witnessing heavy rains and humid weather, so the question arises as to where this geographically address located and how the Taliban can achieve this simplicity and complete freedom and manage their military exercises without any influence of Afghanistan? Training for which the space is ready and the sun is shining on the fighters of this group, and on the other hand, one of the cameramen of this group is filming these fighters from a long distance.

Possible Hypotheses of Taliban military camps in Afghanistan:

It is assumed that Taliban fighters in the province are engaged in military exercises, so how the group’s training gunshots are not heard by Afghan security and defense forces stationed in all parts of Khost province? It is the famous saying that they say (I smell the rat). Afghan security and defense forces are patrolling all parts of the country, especially Khost province, from the ground and air, and are defending their privacy. So how is it possible that about 100 Taliban fighters are engaged in military exercises somewhere in Afghanistan and these forces are not aware of it? The answer is that the Taliban are using their traditional propaganda and dictatorial methods to create widespread propaganda to put pressure on and intimidate Afghan citizens to accept the Islamic Emirate. In addition, the group wants to make it clear to the public that they are fully capable of geography in Afghanistan and are engaged in comprehensive military training, not another country, and that if the Americans leave Afghanistan, the group will launch their war and they will continue their fight to implement the Islamic Emirate in Afghanistan.


As a result, we find that the group is conducting military exercises outside of Afghanistan. For example, one of the group’s fighters is riding in a Hilux “Model 2014” car heavy weaponry. This vehicle is no longer widely used in the geography of Afghanistan but is the most widely used intermediary of the Hilux type (1990 Model). Based on the evidence, the above-mentioned intermediary is used by the Pakistani military. Even the uniforms of these fighters are more similar to the uniforms of Pakistani military personnel, and the footage shown in the picture is included: how to stand, carry a weapon, raise a hand, raise a flag, embrace, military exercises, line up fighters, in A standing train, the text is written in the uniform of a warrior in Urdu, and the like resemble the quests of the Pakistani military. In the end, it can be said that this group has safe and secure schools with the direct support of the countries where they conduct military exercises and also have the direct financial and logistical support of those countries. So now the Taliban’s spokesman can be denied claiming that their fighters are not conducting military exercises on Afghan soil and that the group is carrying out standard military schools in another geography, in addition to all the published propaganda images of the Taliban. The group’s militants operate outside Afghanistan’s borders and in another country called Pakistan, and their teachers are skilled and experienced Pakistani soldiers who seek revenge on the Afghan regime and people at all times.