Minorities in France face discrimination in hiring large companies

The results of a government study published in France on Thursday show that people named Echoes of the Maghreb (North Africa) culture are being discriminated against in large corporations.
The French government cited large companies such as Irrfan’s, Acor, Altran, Arkema, Renault, Rexel, and Super Styria as companies in which the study showed discrimination against minorities.
Six of the seven companies named in the government report have rejected the results, saying the methodology of the study was incorrect.
The results of this study show that in all the companies studied, the success rate of a candidate with echoes of the culture of the Maghreb countries is 0.9%. However, the rate is estimated to be 3.6 percent for candidates with European echoes.
The study says that candidates with an ebullient echo – 2 percent less likely than European candidates – to receive a positive response.