MOI: 121 civilians killed in Taliban attacks

Kabul-Afghanistan: Taliban launched a lot of attacks in-country and killed 121 civilians, said Ministry of Interior affairs.

The attack launched in Kandahar, Baghlan, Nangarhar, and Logar province, said Tariq Arian.

طارق آرین
Tariq Arian the Spokesman of MOI

Also, more than 336 people wounded in 29 provinces of Afghanistan by terrorist rush, added Mr. Arian.

Taliban had suffered the most casualties in the attacks in Baghlan, Kandahar, Logar, and Nangarhar provinces. He accused the Taliban of being wholly reckless and indifferent to the Afghan People. They do not adhere to their obligations.

انفجار در کابل
The explosion in Kabul on a Car

A spokesman for the Interior Ministry said that targeting civilians in the country was against all human, religious, moral and war affairs, which the Taliban had not always considered, and that the Taliban had not yet said anything about it.

Meanwhile, the Afghan government has released 400 Taliban prisoners to resume the peace process to pave the way for dialogue between Afghans.

Signing a decree to release 400 Talibs prisoners before civilians killed in Taliban attacks

Eventually, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani signed an order to release 400 Taliban prisoners in the upcoming days.

a day before President Ghani said: he will sign a decree to release 400 Taliban prisoners.

According to Aljazeera: The Taliban has praised the decision of the Presidential Palace to release 400 Taliban prisoners.

“The release of 400 prisoners could remove obstacles to peace talks,”

Sohail Shaheen, a spokesman for the Taliban’s political bureau in Qatar, tweeted.

The US State Department also praised the Afghan government efforts for releasing the Taliban.

Some citizen believes that the government has made a big mistake. the say that releasing can harm national security.

They emphasize that the government will never reach the peace process with such decisions.

“The release of 400 prisoners could strengthen the ranks of the Taliban so that the group can intensify their war,” they said.

Citizens continue to emphasize by releasing Taliban prisoners; the government is disrespecting the blood of the martyrs of this land and endangering all the recent achievements of Afghanistan.