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MOI New plan for security of Afghanistan

Following the increase in criminal offenses and terrorist activities in the country, especially in the capital, the Ministry of Interior is now announcing the creation of a new security plan.

Mohammad Saboor Qanih, the senior deputy security minister of the Ministry of Interior, appeared in the government media on Tuesday (July 14) and announced a new security plan to improve the security situation in the country and to prevent an increase in criminal offenses. Mr. Qanih says that with the start of this project, the Ministry of Interior has been able to:

13 people arrested

– Installation of 66 security cameras in the areas of Kabul

– Establishment of secret police in the city

– Discovery of 254 crime areas, of which 5 have been cleared by security forces so far

– Discovered 1151 kilograms of explosives

– Detention of 26 people on suspicion of terrorist crimes

– Creating security belts by installing a biometric system at the gates of Kabul

The ministry’s deputy chief of security says anti-corruption efforts are also under way among security agencies, and that they have so far been able to arrest 24 police officers on corruption charges.

The Interior Ministry says that after this, all the gates of Kabul city will be built with a biometric system to identify and arrest people who are suspected or involved with criminals.

Meanwhile, the security situation in the country is deteriorating day by day, and the citizens of the country are criticizing the work of the security forces.