MOI Warns Hotels and Sports Complexes (Stop Your Activities)

The Ministry of the Interior warns against all places where people gather to stop their activities and to comply with laws and regulations to prevent the spread of Coronas.

The Interior Ministry said in a news release Wednesday (18 March) that the Coronavirus will be spreading in closed and crowded places soon, and the Public Relations Committee has decided to prevent all outbreaks in the hotel to prevent and spread the virus. , Ponds, baths, sports complexes and all the places where people gather, yet another order of the institution to stop their activities and close their gates.

The newsletter continued to inform all owners of the guilds that they would cease their activities for the sake of protecting the lives of their fellow citizens until further publication and instructed the police officers to cooperate with the respected municipality of Kabul if the above guilds operate. Treat the offenders seriously.

The Ministry of Interior has also emphasized and urges dear compatriots to contact the 119 Police Information Center if they see the above-mentioned guild activity.