More than 87 million Americans received the Covid-19 vaccine

Reporter: Shakib Zaheer

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States announced today (Wednesday) that more than 87 million and 912 thousand doses of corona vaccine have been injected in this country, of which more than 116 million and 355 thousand doses of Covid-19 vaccine have been injected so far—distributed throughout the United States.

Meanwhile, Reuters wrote about the anti-coronary vaccine injection in the United States. The statistics announced for modern vaccines and Pfizer biotic are in the United States until Saturday morning, and every American citizen is trying to get this vaccine as soon as possible. The vaccine to prevent coronary heart disease.


The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has said that more than 57.358 million people have received the first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine this week, and more than 29.776 thousand Americans have received the second dose of the vaccine. It will reach all American citizens, and they will be vaccinated against Covid-19.

US President Joe Biden said in connection with the vaccine that, in the next three months, enough Corona vaccine will be available to all adult Americans by the end of May.

“We are in a situation where the coronavirus is failing, and there is little left to eradicate the contagious virus, and I urge all American citizens to receive the anti-coronavirus,” the president said. Mr. Biden recently said the United States had signed a deal to buy another 200 million doses of the modern Crohn’s vaccine and Pfizer.

The United States has already purchased 600 million doses of the Corona vaccine.