NATO will begin RS Mission forces withdrawal by May 1

Afghanistan Amina KohistanyAmina Kohistany Thursday April 15th, 2021 0 Views


As US president Joe Biden declared his final decision on the US force’s withdrawal on September 11, NATO also finalized their decision on their troop’s withdrawal from Afghanistan. Jens Stoltenberg, NATO secretary-general, announced their troop’s withdrawal during a joint meeting with the US defense and state secretaries in Brussels. He stated: ” we decided that we will

start the withdrawal of NATO Resolute Support Mission forces by May 1. Our drawdown will be orderly, coordinated, and deliberate. We plan to complete the drawdown of all our troops within a few months.

As the Taliban warned that if the foreign forces did not withdraw by first May, they would escalate their war against these forces, not once again, Stoltenberg warns the Taliban that their attacks on our troops during the period of withdrawal will be met with a forceful response. He highlighted: “We went into Afghanistan together. We have adjusted our posture together. And we

are united in leaving together. This is not an easy decision, and it entails risks. As I have said for many months, we face a dilemma because the alternative to leaving in an orderly fashion is to be prepared for a long-term, open-ended military commitment, with potentially more NATO troops.

According to NATO SG, this is not the end NATO relationship with Afghanistan rather the start of a new chapter. He stated that NATO Allies and partners would continue to stand with the Afghan people. But it is now for the Afghan people to build a sense of sustainable peace. That puts an end to violence, safeguards all Afghans’ human rights, particularly women, children, and minorities; upholds the rule of law; and ensures that Afghanistan never again serves as a haven for terrorists.
So this decision is made by the US and NATO when the Afghan peace talks with the Taliban are still fragile, and recently the Taliban has warned that they would increase the level of violence as the foreign forces are not withdrawing in the first May.