NDS arrested ISIS-K technology

NDS arrested ISIS-K technology and the broadcasting head

The Afghan National Directorate of Security (NDS) said in a statement that its special forces had arrested two critical figures in the ISIS group in the Khorasan branch. “Mohammad Tanvir, a citizen of Bangladesh, and Ali Mohammad, a citizen of Pakistan, are two key members of the ISIS-K group, who was arrested along with Aslam Farooqi, the leader of the ISIS- Khorasan branch of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). »

The newsletter added: “Mohammad Tanvir, known as (Imran, Ahmad, and Nasir), the son of Mohammad Tawfiq, a resident of Dhaka, Bangladesh, was in charge of the ISIL branch of Khorasan’s technology and telecommunications department. “After being recruited by the group, he contacted one of the ISIL commanders, Isa Punjabi, a Pakistani national, and took military training courses with Isa Punjabi.” Mohammad Tanvir was in charge of the technology and telecommunications department of the ISIS group. “Using technology, he provided the ground for Muharram conversations between the commanders and officials of the Khorasan branch of ISIS, and at the same time created and managed a special nucleus to attract and attract foreign fighters using technology.”

Besides, the special forces of national security were able to arrest Ali Mohammad, who was in charge of the completion, transfer, and logistics of the Khorasan branch of ISIS. He also played an essential role in the transfer of foreign aid to that group. Ali Mohammad was a significant citizen of Islamabad and lived in the I10 area, where a number of Pakistani military officers survive. It is noteworthy that the investigation of these two people, including Aslam Farooqi and his colleagues, is underway. The National Directorate of Security (NDS) also stressed that details of the investigation would be shared with the Afghan people later.