NDS launched dangerous operations on insurgents

Officials at the Directorate General of National Security have announced the detention of a network of nine terrorists in the center zone and other special operations at the headquarters of Mullah Anarang’s office in Marja district of Helmand province.

“A nine-member Taliban insurgent network has detained as a result of operations carried out by the Special Forces Directorate-General for Security in Wardak province,” the National Directorate of Security (NDS) wrote in a news release. In another operation, the troops mounted a weapons depot and ammunition of the Taliban terrorist group in the Tizine Valley area of ​​Saroubi district and the dry plain of Khanna Jabbar district of Kabul province.

The Directorate-General for Security also wrote in another newsletter that Special Forces of the National Directorate General of Security in Helmand province carried out an operation on the Taliban militant group’s headquarters in Malanargal in Marja district of Helmand province.

As a result of these operations, more than a hundred anti-vehicle mines, more than thousands of kilograms of explosives, and more than a dozen bushels seized by Special Forces Directorate General of National Security.

The Taliban militant group in the three provinces of Helmand, Kabul, and Maidan Wardak sought to carry out general operations against civilians, public utilities, and the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan’s security and defense forces. And it was neutralized.