NDS Prevented from two suicide attack in Kabul and Laghman

National Security officials report the arrest of a person who tried to carry out a suicide attack in Kabul or Laghman province by the special forces of this department in the 17th district of Kabul city.

The General Directorate of National Security wrote in a newsletter: “Atiqullah Haqyar, a person who started his religious and elementary education in Camp Shamshto in Peshawar, was invited by the mullahs of the mosques in Camp Shamshto to jihad against the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the country’s security forces.

“In the name of Fateh and one of the Taliban commanders, he will be transferred from Camp Shamshto to the Tira region of Pakistan for terrorist training.”

The newsletter added: “This person will come to Afghanistan after completing his training to carry out a suicide attack on one of the country’s military bases in Kabul or Laghman provinces, and will be arrested in a timely manner by the Special Forces of the National Security Directorate.”