NDS: The donor of ISI-k in Afghanistan is the Haqqani Network

Afghan security officials say security forces have officially launched an offensive. National Security says it is funding the Haqqani network in Afghanistan. Following the escalation of violence and bloody attacks in Afghanistan, President Ashraf Ghani ordered the Afghan security and defense forces to move from “active defense” to offensive. Officials from the Ministries of Defense, Interior and National Security announced at a news conference on Monday that Afghan security and defense forces had officially launched an offensive against the Taliban.

The Afghan Ministry of Defense says the offensive will be launched in areas where people are under serious threat.

Interior Ministry, National Defense and National Directorate of Security (NDS) officials say the Taliban have violated their commitment to the agreement and intensified their attacks.

The Taliban have carried out 3,700 attacks on civilians and Afghan security forces since the signing of the peace agreement with the United States, according to the agency.

Massoud Andarabi, head of the Afghan Interior Ministry, said the Taliban still had ties to international terrorist groups: “They have had a close relationship with international terrorism for many years. “New ones have strengthened that relationship.”

Last week, 40 people, including pregnant women and infants, were killed and injured in an attack on a 100-bed hospital in the Barchi Plain. The Taliban have issued a statement denying involvement in the attack, as well as an attack on a funeral procession in Nangarhar province.

But the Taliban could not deny the attacks by spreading leaflets: “The Taliban … cannot deny the crimes and crimes they are committing against the Afghan people with such statements.” . ”

The National Directorate of Security (NDS) also says there has been no change in the Taliban’s mindset, and that the group has drafted a charter and is working to seize power in Afghanistan and implement the charter. A charter that was recently circulated in the media and rejected by the Taliban.

In the third week of Ramadan alone, 70 civilians were killed and 318 wounded in Taliban attacks, according to new figures from the Afghan National Security Council. Afghan military officials say the Taliban have killed 420 civilians and injured 906 civilians in the 3,700 peace attacks since the signing of the peace agreement. Statistics that the Taliban have always denied