Nearly 50 students killed and injured in Kabul

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On the 26th of Ramadan, around 4 p.m. on Saturday, 5/8/2021, the terrorists killed the citizens of western Kabul and set up moran to the homes of every innocent Afghan.


The incident happened when a car full of explosives exploded in front of the Sayed-ul-Shuhada school in western Kabul. This horrific incident happened when the students of this school were going to their homes after getting their lessons. It is said that all the victims of this horrific incident are students and children.


A spokesman for the Interior Ministry confirmed the incident, saying that the casualties were excessive. Tariq Arian told reporters: “An explosion took place in the area of Seyed-ul-Shohada School in the town of Etefaq, 13th Security District, of Kabul city; this incident took place at around 4:27 p.m. “The incident took place as a result of a car bomb attack. Police currently block the area. So far, 35 wounded have been taken to Mohammad Ali Jinnah Hospital in western Kabul.” But sources say 12 people have been killed and 35 others injured in the bloody incident.


But the Ministry of Public Health told the media that 22 injured people had been rushed to local hospitals due to the horrific incident. “So far, 22 injured, all of them children, have been taken to hospitals near the scene, and some of the victims are said to be in critical condition,” said Health Ministry officials. It is believed that the number of victims of this event is likely to increase.


No group has claimed responsibility for the bloody incident. However, the country’s security officials emphasize that this brutal incident is a terrorist act of the Taliban to gain more concessions from the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in the peace talks.


Increase in the number of victims of the car bomb attack in western Kabul

The Ministry of Interior says that the explosion of a car bomb in the 13th district of Kabul city caused civilian casualties, especially children’s primary victims. A spokesman for the Interior Ministry told reporters that at least 35 people had been injured in the incident. But sources at the Kabul Police Command, who did not want to be named, said the death toll had risen to 60.


The source told Pasbanan Media Group: “At least 24 people were killed and more than 30 others were injured in the deadly car bomb attack in PD 13 of Kabul. The death toll is likely to rise further, as the incident occurred while students were on leave from the Sayed-ul-Shuhada school. “Most of the victims of this brutal attack are also children and students of this school.”


On the other hand, some reputable media in the country have reported that 20 people have been killed and more than 25 others injured in this bloody incident. The Ministry of Public Health also emphasizes that more than 30 injured people have been transferred to Mohammad Ali Jinnah Hospital in the west of Kabul so far. Officials at the Ministry of Public Health also emphasize that most of the victims are school students.


No group has yet claimed responsibility for this bloody incident. But the increase in terrorist attacks, targeted attacks, and deadly explosions is mainly attributed to Taliban fighters. Security officials have repeatedly stressed that the armed opposition has intensified its attacks on Afghan citizens and the people to achieve its goals, regardless of Ramadan.


Meanwhile, human rights groups have warned of growing escalating violence in Afghanistan, concerning that if the government’s armed opposition does not join the peace process, Afghans will witness a new civil war as the US and allied forces withdraw their military forces from Afghanistan. At the same time, President Ghani earlier said in a recent article for the Foreign Policy newspaper that there is no sign of reaching a feeling of peace with the Taliban, for the first time, the president stated that he would leave the office if he would find that the Taliban group would make a cease-fire and also the group should accept the elections.