Sexual harassment of a Nike employee by Neymar

Sports Shekaib ZaheerAhmad Shekaib Zaheer Sunday May 30th, 2021 0 Views


Nike Company announced, that Sexual harassment of a Nike employee by Neymar is basless.


The American company Nike has declared the allegations of rape of Paris Saint-Germain star Neymar Jr. against one of its employees to be in vain. Accordingly, it has ended its investigation in this regard.


The big American company, the famous manufacturer of sports shoes, announced today (Sunday, June 9) that the company’s claims that the favorite Brazilian football player Neymar Jr. has raped an employee of the Nike company are baseless.


According to the investigation, the officials have stated that the company has not found any evidence in this claim. The result of this investigation is negative, which is why Nike has stopped its research in this regard.


Meanwhile, a spokesman for Neymar said that one of the Nike employees’ young girls allegedly sexually assaulted Neymar Jr. in 2016 in connection with the player’s rape of a female employee at Nike. have given.


Neymar Jr. accused the Nike employee of this claim, adding: “I will never commit such wrongdoing, and Nike has any evidence in the field that it can use in court against me to prove my guilt or innocence. “It should be clarified in this matter.”


The famous Nike shoe company started its investigation after Neymar said, and finally, the company officials announced that it had finished this investigation again.


The news of the rape of Neymar Jr., the star of the Paris Saint-Germain team, made headlines in the world’s sports newspapers, which was first made public by the Wall Street Journal.


But Neymar Jr., after learning of the allegation that he allegedly raped a female employee at Nike, ridiculed him and stressed that he was willing to go for the best data to maintain his position and popularity, and Nike Submit all documents in this field to the judicial institutions.


It is worth mentioning that Nike separated from Neymar in 2020, after which European media reported that Neymar lost one of his major financial donors.