Occurrence of two explosions in the sixth and thirteenth districts of Kabul

Afghanistan Shekib ZaheerAhmad Shekaib Zaheer Saturday June 12th, 2021 0 Views




West Kabul once again witnessed terrorist events. This time too, civilians were killed, and their vehicle was blown up. In the latest case, it is reported that two explosions took place in the west of Kabul at around 2:50 pm (6/12/2021), which also resulted in casualties.


Witnesses to the incident told the media that two explosions took place on Shahid Mazari Road and in the 13th district of Kabul. According to witnesses: “It was 2 pm when the first explosion took place on Shahid Mazari Road between Sarpol station and the hospital in the 13th district of Kabul; after that, the second explosion took place at Mahtab Qala station, in front of Mohammad Ali Jinnah hospital. “There were incidents in the sixth security zone. Unfortunately, these incidents also resulted in casualties.”


The Afghan Ministry of Interior has only confirmed these two events but has not said anything about the nature of these two events. A source in Kabul police said that investigations into the two blasts were still ongoing.


Interior Ministry officials, however, stress that at least five civilians have been killed so far in the two incidents that targeted passenger vehicles and that the death toll may be changing.
West Kabul has witnessed similar horrific events in the past, from the bombing and the attack on the maternity hospital to targeting a school in western Kabul, shocking and reactive events. In the latest case, at least three women were killed last week in a rocket-propelled grenade in a public transport car in the Kote Sangi area of Kabul. Among the victims were Ariana TV presenter Mina Rahimi, her mother, and a sister.


However, Kabul police say that serious security measures are in place to curb such incidents and will soon be implemented in western Kabul. The Associated Press, meanwhile, said in a report released yesterday that the security situation in Kabul west was worrying and that such incidents were aimed at genocide of Hazaras; A case that is sensitive for most residents of western Kabul, and they have launched a Twitter storm under the name (Stop the Hazara Genocide) calling for serious attention to such events.