One of the most dangerous group of thieves in Kabul arrested

Kabul security officials report the arrest of a man named Mehrabi known as (Hood Khail Youth Chief) in connection with the theft of 4 million seventy thousand Pakistani rupees along with a Corolla Saracha motor vehicle.

The Kabul Police Command has written a newsletter that a professional armed robber named Mehrabi, the head of the Hoodkhill youth, resides in Kabul’s 16th district of Kabul city in the case of armed robbery of four million seventy thousand Pakistanis in one of our countrymen. The eighth district of Kabul was a suspect and a fugitive was detained yesterday following an operative operation by police in Kabul’s 16th district security office.

Meanwhile, the operations of the security forces against the thieves in Kabul have increased and the number of armed robberies and criminal offenses has been somewhat reduced.