Opening of Kamal Khan Dam by President Ghani

Eventually, after years of waiting and trying, Kamal Khan Dam was opened by President Ghani. A clause that brings hope and tension, and at the same time as its work is completed, several of Afghanistan’s neighbors have repeatedly threatened and considered this clause to be against international law.
Today, Wednesday, 1400 AH, Nimroz province hosted President Ghani and his accompanying delegation. A delegation went to the western province of Afghanistan for the official opening of Kamal Khan Dam. Amrullah Saleh, the first deputy prime minister, Sarwar Danesh, the second deputy prime minister, and many other senior government officials accompanied President Ghani on the trip.
Simultaneously with the opening of this section, the President of the country said: “The future of Nimroz depends not only on Kamal Khan Dam but also the transformation of Zaranj into a strong international port is one of our ideals so that Zaranj becomes such a port. We believe that the key to Zaranj in Chabahar. At this point, we need to manage Afghanistan’s waters and make it self-sufficient seriously. “Today, we need to follow a clear plan of self-reliance and stand on our own two feet.”
Construction of the Kamal Khan Dam began ten years ago. The government’s armed opposition repeatedly attacked it and killed at least 20 guards and several civil servants during the clashes. Now the Kamal Khan Dam guards believe that with the completion of this dam’s construction, their wishes and those of their dead peers have now been fulfilled.
According to senior Afghan government officials, $ 200 million was spent to build the dam at noon, and the first construction of the dam began in 1345 AH. Last year, the watering process began for the first time in this dam. The Kamal Khan dam has a storage capacity of 52 million cubic meters of water, which can irrigate about 174,000 hectares of agricultural land. Also, this section can generate nine megawatts of electricity.