Organized crime groups, loyal servants of the Taliban

Author: Follad Ahangaran

The simplest way to bring political systems to their knees is to instill fear and panic among society’s peoples. The Taliban are now trying to turn the village war into urban warfare in the latest way. The group currently experiencing two significant factions is now conspiring with the ISI’s hellish and home-burning apparatus to change the war from frontal to A city commits terror and increases terror.

According to government sources’ latest information, the Taliban are now recruiting criminal groups and gangsters to pressure the regime and spread terror among Afghan citizens. These criminals have been tasked with killing, injuring people in any way possible, and finally disrupting public opinion by using social media and posting pictures under pseudonyms. In the latest method, the Taliban group’s psychological warfare has become much more violent and horrific; the group has tried to put pressure on the community by publishing images of targeted killings. This new method was devised by ISI thinkers as the latest war tactic for the Taliban and is now implemented by Taliban sleeper cells.

The reaction of security and defense forces against the organizers of targeted killings:

The Afghan security and defense also pursued them after the 100-member Taliban group was tasked to launch a targeted killing attack in Kabul. The group consisted of 100 Taliban fighters, 17 of whom were detained by National Security Forces; According to published information, a search mission is currently underway to detain other group members, and detainees have admitted in initial investigations that they were commissioned to spread terror among Kabul citizens. “After the arrest of a large number of perpetrators of targeted killings in Kabul who were serving the Taliban, the group is now trying to recruit gangs affiliated with criminal offenders,” said a government source. “Because the Taliban now understand that the ISI mission has been endangered after the arrest of at least 17 members of the Taliban targeted killing team.”

Change in mission, recruitment methods among organized criminals:

As the targeted assassination mission was exposed and its advertisements posted on social media, ISI strategists, in collaboration with senior Taliban commanders, particularly the group tasked with carrying out the targeted assassinations, changed how they were recruiting their fighters for assigning targeted killing tasks to them. Evidence shows that the Taliban now hire more criminals by paying money to criminal groups and mafia gangs. Usually, the conditions for hiring these people have several characteristics, which include:

  1. The criminal offender must be at least 18 to 25 years old;
  2. The criminal network of these people should be from 3 to 5 people;
  3. Each offender must have the capacity to attack and escape after the event;
  4. The perpetrator should not be identified with more than three people in his network, because in case of arrest, he will expose the whole structure;
  5. The instrument of crime for these people should be weapons or small arms so that after committing a crime or arresting the event, it is pretended that the perpetrator launched the attack so for social reasons, especially poverty and economic crisis;
  6. Finally, the perpetrator of theft, robbery, and other cases that could harm public opinion and the perpetrator has been arrested several times by the security forces to pretend after the crime that he is a repeat offender.

Key goals behind recruiting criminals:

In appearance, this method allows the Taliban to speed up the game of thoughts; Because Afghanistan’s fragile political, social, and economic situation is currently leading to more youth committing crimes, on the one hand, the success of this strategy is effective in blaming the system. On the other hand, citizens accuse the government of incompetence. On the other hand, this trick can provide the Taliban with the least costly troops, and if arrested, the Taliban’s primary mission will not be primarily disclosed.

Meanwhile, the Taliban are increasingly trying to target the middle-class figures in this strategy, as spreading any such message could play a significant role in distrust, the police, the army, and national security. For example, killing a doctor in the eighth district of Kabul was not for money, but he was dealing with more than a dozen patients a day in the community; Following the news of the doctor’s death, the situation around the doctor’s office is such that citizens cannot even seek treatment due to the fear created after his assassination.

The way out:

At the same time, as the criminal graph has increased in recent days, in such a situation, it is necessary for the security and defense forces, especially the ANP, to maintain tapes of the criminals after arresting the ostensibly criminal perpetrators. To publish the mentioned principles, within the Security Pact framework, all influential figures in a society must be committed to seriously cooperating in the fight against criminals and unruly individuals and finally identifying several corrupt individuals in the uniform of the security forces supporting the criminal offenders. Finally, without wasting time, the judiciary system must finalize these groups’ cases in the shortest possible time and punish them.