Our victory is in preserving our unity: Marshal of Afghanistan

Marshal Mohammad Qasim Fahim, son of Mawlavi Abdul Mateen, was born in 1336 in the village of (Omarz) in Panjshir province. He completed his elementary education in his hometown and then entered the Kabul Arabic academy in 1349.

Mohammed Qasim Fahim emigrated to Pakistan after the 1977 coup against jihad against the former Soviet Communist regime, but returned shortly thereafter to Afghanistan and began his armed struggle in the Shigel province of Kunar province.

Entered the Panjshir Valley in the summer of that year and in tune with Jihad and thickness creation Ahmad Shah Massoud, the national hero of Afghanistan first served in Panjshir and elsewhere in the country. He also served as MKO commander in Andarab district of Baghlan province.

Marshal Fahim took charge of the Mojahedin as the MKO’s commander-in-chief in northern Kabul in 1366 and traveled to the northern provinces of Balkh, Jawzjan, and Faryab in 1989 to further expand and integrate the Nazarene forces and achieve successes after the collapse of the government. And the victory of the Mujahideen groups, Mr. Fahim entered Kabul in 1992 with the jihadist forces. He became a minister in the Mojahedin government led by Burhanuddin Rabbani.

After the martyrdom of Ahmad Shah Massoud on 18 September 2001, MKO leaders and commanders elected Mohammad Qasim Fahim as Commander-in-Chief of the State and Resistance Forces to better integrate the Resistance Forces and manage the most critical situations. In this situation, he was able to consolidate and defend the Afghan Resistance.

Mohammad Qasim Fahim was appointed the first deputy head of the interim administration and minister of national defense after holding the Bonn Conference and setting up the interim administration and on March 15, 2002, held the highest military rank in the country, Marshall, for his valuable role in the liberation of the country. Received.

Marshal Mohammed Qasim Fahim has done a great service to his beloved people and homeland during his tenure in the posts of the Ministries of National Security, National Defense, First Vice President of the Transitional and Transitional Periods and First Vice President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

Marshal Mohammed Qasim Fahim, First Deputy President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, on Sunday morning, December 18, 2013, at the age of 56, joined the mercy of Ajlaj Lajib, said.

The freedom of the teachings is disgraceful slavery in our religion.