Peace agreement with the US or legitimizing the Taliban war in Afghanistan!

The Taliban issued some statements calling the signing of a peace agreement between the United States and the Taliban a matter of their legitimacy. The Taliban have sought to legitimize their war and also call the current situation a “triumphant victory.” Within the Taliban’s messages and statements, there are a number of key messages that can be tailored to fit the current situation.


– The Taliban’s war was right

– Occupation will end

– The legitimacy and legitimacy of the Taliban war

– Final defeat of US, NATO and Afghan security forces


But the Taliban statement is a distortion of Afghanistan’s reality, and the points contained in these statements are not the whole story. The Taliban have acknowledged that the agreement is a document to end the occupation of Afghanistan, but in reality, signing the document is the termination of the so-called Taliban jihad, which should spread to public opinion, the media, civil society, and academic circles. The jihad used by the Taliban as sacred warfare had a false religious affiliation.


The Taliban also claim that signing the agreement means recognizing the Taliban by the United States, while the relationship between the Afghan government and the US government reflects the Taliban’s lack of recognition as a regime. Today’s visit by the US Secretary of Defense and NATO Secretary General to Afghanistan illustrates this.


If the agreement is supposed to be a criterion for ending the war in Afghanistan, then any brutal acts by the Taliban, such as civilian casualties, destruction and damage to public services and facilities, are also forbidden, unjustified and unlawful. And no other religious legitimacy.

If that is the case, the brave Afghan security forces and the Afghan people, despite all the hardships that have been inflicted on the Taliban by the Afghan government and people, are the only definite victors of the war and the Taliban should not expect any triumphant victory for themselves. .


The final point and, more importantly, the victory of the Republic against the Taliban. The legitimacy of republicanism is not hidden from anyone, and the decisive support of the Afghan people to the system of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has been clear over and over again. It is the fundamental task of all segments of the population, including the media, civil society, youth, women, academia, support for legitimate republicanism and the current system, to further enhance the legitimacy of republicanism over the Taliban