Pen or gun

These two words have always had two meanings; “Pen, peace and gun, war.” In our country, the majority of people have been paying more attention to guns for a long time! A pen can guarantee your future, but an “if you are not in the system” rifle will take you back to prison bars or cemeteries. Fortunately, while the 21st century is the “century of progress, the century of technology,” those who do not respect the pen consider the gun to be superior to the pen.

Remember; This rifle looks like the same army that is on the front line of battle and always at war with the enemies of the Afghan people, that a number of people proudly take pictures with the rifle and post it on their virtual page It is great, “maybe they have their own reasons and justifications” Now is the century of the pen, not the century of the gun! Our people are thirsty for pens, not guns! This country has been at war for years and many people die every year because of these wars.

And in the end, the pen is a powerful tool for drawing and writing the good, the ugly, and the truth. Yes sir! The oppressors and thieves in power, despite having the greatest means and methods of repression and assassination of the character, and despite having all the economic, security, personal and governmental facilities at their disposal, are still defenseless writers and The unarmed, whose only tool is a pen and whose only work is research and truth in the light of words, are terrified.

The criminal authorities, in whatever position they are in, do not consider anything as dangerous to themselves as the words that flow from the pens of intellectual writers, and they all try to destroy the reel pen and popularize the gun.
Author: Mohammad Nabi Karimi