People strongly support their security forces



Nilofar Mostad


The series of clearing operations of the National Army in different parts of the country has put pressure on the Taliban and inflict heavy defeats on them on various fronts.


Hundreds of insurgents have been killed and detained in recent days during these purge operations. These events clearly show that the armed Taliban have now resorted to other methods of violence in Afghanistan due to their heavy defeats on the battlefield.


The support and external contacts of the armed opposition with international terrorist networks seem to reflect the bitter reality that Afghanistan has once again become a battleground for international terrorism. The international community should not involve Afghanistan in this struggle in the current critical situation. However, it is difficult to leave alone, as it can be seen that these terrorist groups kill defenseless civilians when they are defeated on the battlefield by the army, police, and armed forces. The increase in civilian casualties in recent days is one of the signs.


Therefore, Afghanistan must prepare for a protracted confrontation with the terrorist front. The Afghan army and Afghan security and intelligence agencies must strengthen their ability to detect and thwart terrorist plots targeting civilians, as The Taliban do not believe in peace. Otherwise, suicide bombings and roadside bombings will increase, and civilian casualties will rise. Field developments in Afghanistan in the field of counter-terrorism show that the Afghan Armed Forces, by launching clean-up operations in different parts of the country, have provided better security for citizens and clear the armed opposition of these areas.


The people are also optimistic about the achievements of the country’s armed forces. They are satisfied with the security in different parts of the country in the absence of international forces. Usually, the Taliban suffer heavy losses in launching clearing operations against the Taliban in other parts of the country. The ability of the country’s armed forces has caused the Taliban to completely lose the ability to fight in the face of these forces. In addition to the achievements of the country’s armed forces against insurgents in recent years, popular uprisings against the terror and violence fronts have increased in various provinces of the country, which has also helped weaken these opposition armed groups in the country.


This shows that despite the terrorist attacks that the Taliban sometimes carry out in some areas, there is clear evidence that the Taliban is in a weak position and that the Taliban is gaining popularity among the people and popular resistance is forming against them. In addition, the growing power of the country’s security and intelligence institutions has led terrorist groups opposed to the development and stability of the country to kill children and civilians to put pressure on the people and the government.
It can be said that the progress of the security forces and other developments in the face of terrorism in the country indicate a profound change in Afghanistan. Undoubtedly, the secret of these security successes lies in the intense wars and weapons of significant influence. The army has no choice but to fight those oppositionists who do not lay down their arms, do not stop killing and assassination, and continue to cause disaster in the country.


The Taliban is a terrorist group, and we do not see anywhere in the world that a terrorist group has formed a government and that the people under its banner have achieved prosperity. However, with the same mindset that this group has, can it rule over the people of Afghanistan, especially our educated generation? never, no. افغانستانThe Afghan Taliban have confused today with 24 years ago, 24 years ago the Afghan society was ready to accept the Taliban’s idea, so this group managed to establish their rule in this land, but now the situation is entirely different. The concept of Talabani and fundamentalism has no history in our country; these black and anti-human thoughts can not have deep roots in our country.


But, nevertheless, they accept it, and it seems impossible to institutionalize it in our society. Another reason that illuminates the inevitable defeat of the Taliban is the existence of the country’s security forces.


Never before has Afghanistan had such a well-trained and organized force. The presence or slight advance of the Taliban in several districts does not mean that the group has accepted or won against the Afghan people and the bravest security force in the world. As the peace-loving and humanitarian people of the world and the international community as a whole have realized the true nature of this ignorance and terror, the Taliban with these thoughts will never be acceptable to them. The last word is: Don’s harder to beat.