Poverty will kill Afghan citizen inadequate earlier than Corona outbreak

The coronavirus was first identified in December 2019 when the city of Wuhan, China, was identified as its outlet and outbreak area of this virus. As the deadly outbreak of the deadly virus, the World Health Organization calls it “pervasive and transboundary”. Symptoms of the disease include fever, headache, dry cough, shortness of breath, muscle pain and fatigue. It is not yet clear whether this virus was a human-made virus. Some social media users claim that in December, the United States transmitted the virus through drones to China, and some believe it is a biological construct of China designed to consolidate interests of Chinese power and spread of their capabilities. According to these claims Chinese government was willing to spread their power in the region, as well as the defeat of its traditional rivals, the United States was the main objective of a virus outbreak, but the issue that China has used the virus is not proved, an no evidence is yet available to clarify the truth of the matter.

However, the Afghan public and social media have made this virus (the monster) to the public, although the flow of the disease is undoubtedly worrying and troublesome. Unfortunately, the country’s media are once again in the consciousness to provide public awareness. Citizens were short-tempered and spirited. The exaggeration and overemphasis of social media users also cause fear among the general opinion that even with a nosebleed, a person may feel that he or she is, infected with Covid 19 virus. Although the death rate of the illness is at the level of three percent, meanwhile, the death rate due to infection of this virus is least deadly in the world, according to the world health institutes. Still, by magnification, one can focus on other behind-the-scenes facts, such as the magnification of the virus can be regarded as a project. However, awareness and The occurrence of such a deadly virus is pressing for the citizens. But the original magnification of the Covid 19 virus has now led most Afghans to live below the poverty line in one of the experimental cases. After increasing publicity about increased chances of getting the infection, the rate of contaminants, and loads in hand cable Doubled at twice; this situation has caused a fatal blow to the body of low-income families.

The virus can pose a threat worldwide and increase or decrease economic revenues. But in Afghanistan, the smugglers have used the situation to empty the pockets of ordinary Afghans and deposit large sums of money into their pockets. With the virus outbreak in Afghanistan, we are sure we will experience three decades of initial conditions in-country, and Afghanistan is once again experiencing a recession. Other countries’ rationale for quarantining is to reduce the spread of the disease by providing their citizens with a well-being system with intellectual, financial, mental, and physical security. Before detaining the citizens of Afghanistan in their homes, consideration had to given to the welfare of citizens. But now Afghan citizens are feared that before infecting to Covid-19 virus, Afghan citizens will be safer hunger and poverty because, on the one hand, the smugglers and misusers are looking to fat their pockets and, on the other hand, the government is unable to control the market. Meanwhile, Afghanistan is an importer country and over-reliant on foreign goods, according to statistics provided by financial and economic institutions, only 85 percent of the country’s citizens have only a monthly income of $ 100, a precise assessment of institutions on rent shows that if the government look after monthly incomes of all family members quarantine in Afghanistan can be appropriately managed.

However, when quarantining citizens, it is one of the critical issues of crisis management, which should be carefully restrained by the government. But the main question is whether Afghan institutions like the ministries of public health, finance, information and culture, and other related sectors will be able to manage this crisis. Experience has shown, that teams are not so well-trained by these institutions to be alert to tackle Covid 19 virus, in this section of the article, I would like to give an example: Although the country’s physicians cannot use health tools for treating Covid 19 affected patients. For example, when you go to the Afghan-Japan hospital, doctors will use a thermometer to check on the patient/suspect; if the person is infected or not, they will say to the complainant Go home brother you are safe. ”

Crisis management would thus not be possible to deal with the Coronavirus, and perhaps the Ministry of Public Health may have ordered doctors to work to spread the virus so that donations from countries around the world can come to Afghanistan. That money could be used elsewhere, or just as in the previous years. As Italy quarantined, the government announced it had pledged $ 11 billion in compensation for the Coronavirus outbreak, which would be subject to tax cuts and postponement of mortgage repayments. Now is the time for the Afghan government to get ready for the virus and to better manage all the economic issues so as not to rise as high as the price of foodstuffs a week ago and make poverty worse than Corona.

Written by: Shakib Ahmad Nazari