Preparations of the national cricket team for the 50-over games

Sports Firdous Rasuli Tuesday July 13th, 2021 0 Views



The Afghanistan Cricket Board has announced that it has organized the training camp of the Afghan National Cricket Team in Kabul for the fourth day in a row, and the players of the national team are making unprecedented efforts to achieve better results in the 50-over competition. Afghanistan Cricket Board has published new pictures of the national team players and wrote that the national team players will undergo intensive training on the fourth day of the training camp. The purpose of holding this camp in Kabul is to empower the national team players and raise competition. Universal has been demanded.


On the other hand, the Afghanistan Cricket Board announced that to increase the abilities of the national team players to participate in the 50-a-side world competitions, a competitive game was held among the members of the national team, which shows the low abilities of the physical forces. And the physicality of the players. But several cricket fans in the country have criticized the tournament, saying that the cricket board does not have a regular schedule for setting up leading games. So instead of preparing for the 20-a-side games, national team players are busy preparing for the 50-a-side games. Zabihullah Zahir, a fan of the Afghan cricket team, wrote on the organization’s page: “We should pay attention to the 20-over games because there are two years left for the 50-over competitions; the other is for the national team to compete with Pakistan. “He’s excited, but in return, he’s preparing for the 50-a-side games, which have at least two years left to play.”


Mansour Mushkur, another Afghan cricket fan, called on the country’s cricket board to invest more in young talent and to include young and talented figures in the upcoming games. “A game by a young spinner whose name I do not know, but who is nicknamed Shafaq; I saw him in the ICC games, and in the game against South Africa, he was able to score only 13 runs to the opponent,” Mashkour wrote. Although I hope he will play in the upcoming games, I call on the cricket board to invest more in such talents and give them a chance to compete with the big countries in the world. “They have a special place in cricket to shine well.”


Several other Facebook users have criticized Nowruz Mangal, the coach of the Afghan national cricket team, believing that holding such camps may not be very effective in boosting the capacity of the national team; They emphasize that to win in the top 50 world championships, it is necessary for the cricket board to hire experienced foreign trainers, so that the players of the national team can have exemplary achievements against their opponents.