Presidential delegation in Ghor to help conserve the endangered Minaret of Jam

A presidential delegation has arrived in North-western Ghor province to help conserve the endangered historic Minaret of Jam, the local officials said.

Abdulhai Khatebi, the provincial governor’s spokesman said a delegation from the department of the Presidential Palace arrived in Ghor following President Ashraf Ghani’s commitments which he made during a video teleconference to the people of Ghor.

Khatebi further added that the delegation consists of a technical team that visited the site and assessed the damages.

He also added that the delegation is expected to share its findings with the Ministry of Information and Culture so that appropriate steps could be taken to conserve the Minaret of Jam.

Meanwhile, the residents of Ghor province welcomed the deployment of the delegation to assess and respond to risks threatening the historic minaret.

Calling the Minaret of Jam a ‘National and Historic Identity’ of Afghanistan, Ramazan Nabizada, one of the civil society activists urged the government to take necessary steps to restore and renovate the minaret and prevent it from destruction and collapse.