President Ghani

Rahimi: Herat should be, quarantined completely

Herat’s governor, in a video call with the country’s president, has asked him to declare a state of emergency in the city of Herat, and the province should be fully quarantined. Herat Governor Abdul Qayoom Rahimi said: “We examined the state of emergency and quarantine in Herat city and agreed to limit the current congestion in the city. Besides, our work continues to establish a health center and the provision of health equipment. Overall, we have established a medical center with a capacity of 800 beds for coronary heart disease patients, and laboratories for the disease have become more active in Herat.”

Meanwhile, President Ghani insists that the government has a serious commitment to fight coronavirus. He added: “for the fight against Covid-19 virus, we need health equipment, and we must purchase all of this equipment from Siemens company of Germany, and the government is currently completing a basic list of equipment,” said Mohammad Ashraf Ghani at the video conference. The president has also ordered all government agencies to start buying wheat and raw materials from neighboring countries to prevent famine from happening.

However, the number of people with coronary heart disease in the country has increased to 40 cases. The Ministry of Public Health also calls on all citizens of the country to take Corona seriously and take the necessary measures to combat the disease.