Rashid Khan called on world leaders to ensure peace in Afghanistan and Palestine

Sports فردوس رسولیFirdous Rasuli Sunday May 23rd, 2021 0 Views



At the height of tensions and a new wave of violence by terrorist groups in Afghanistan, this time, one of Afghanistan’s cricket legends called for peace in the country and asked the world leaders to support the Afghan peace process truthfully.


In the latest case, Rashid Khan Arman, Afghanistan’s historical player, and the world cricket legend has called on world leaders to work for lasting peace in Afghanistan. Furthermore, he called on world political leaders to expect no more killings in Afghanistan and Palestine.


The world-famous cricket player mentioned on his Twitter page that killing civilians in the country is not accepted. He stated that the continuing bloodshed is not acceptable and called for an end to the situation. “I am not a politician, but I call on all world leaders to bring peace to Afghanistan and Palestine.” Rashid Khan Arman wrote on his Twitter page.


Rashid Khan continues to tweet that he has bitter memories of battle and bloodshed since childhood, and he is tired of the war. In this tweet, Rashed Arman said that he could no longer see the victims, especially children. “I grew up in a war, and I know the fear of children; I can no longer see children being killed in Afghanistan and Palestine, and we must stand up for what is right.” Arman was quoted as saying.


The war in Afghanistan has not only claimed the lives of its citizens and left irreparable damage but has even had a profound effect on the country’s sports and athletes. However, Afghan athletes always play their games in the name of peace, and they want to send a message to the world that they are tired of war, and they have called on the international community to help Afghanistan achieve peace.


Afghanistan has been grappling with war and misery for more than four decades, but so far, peace is only a wish for its people. Although the United States and other international allies in Afghanistan have repeatedly called on the Taliban to lay down their arms and call for a ceasefire, it is believed that peace in the country will not be achieved until the interests of the region are served.