Reopening the way to paradise through Pakistan

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The main content is taken from the latest policy of Pakistan and the United States towards Afghanistan. In this article, Professor Seyed Massoud has tried to explain the reality of Pakistan’s decision to give a military base to the US. The content of this memoir was written by the respected Professor, who Allah may protect him and his family in the land of exile, and the message is clear to the religious scholars and Pakistani terrorists. They considered Afghanistan to be the key to paradise. In this text, Professor Sayed Masoud deals with the emotional realities of the people of that country, who make unnecessary sacrifices to secure the interests of Islamabad and the army of that country, and the religious scholars in that country are also the speakers of the Pakistani military.


The work of the Pakistani Taliban became difficult

The Afghan Taliban did their job

The US builds a guest house in Pakistan,

How the Pakistani Taliban would destroy this guest house

Can Pakistan become Afghanistan !?

Or if the United States is in Afghanistan, the struggle against the United States is jihad, and if it is in Pakistan, what ??????

What order will be issued by Mawlawi Sahib Fazlur Rehman?

What policy will Imran Khan, the famous cricketer, will pursue on this occasion?

Will Pakistan’s welcome to the United States by hospitality and their stay would be as enjoyable as Afghanistan’s?

The breakfast of these guests will be full of fear, like in Afghanistan, or it will be decorated with Pakistani milk and noodles and Nazi songs.

Congratulations to Pakistan; the corridor of martyrdom and attainment of paradise will be transferred from Afghanistan to Pakistan.

We will see how many bridges and bonds, schools, universities, colleges, and hospitals will be destroyed in the new American guest house and how many will be martyred,

The bodies of several children, women, and an unknown older man will be engraved on the road.

Pakistan’s population is large, 216 million. Population decline is in Pakistan’s interest,
let’s see how many gardens and trees will catch fire

Several factories will close their gates

Let’s see how many hungry people in Pakistan will migrate

Let’s See how many plastic mines will explode daily.

Or vice versa

Pakistan will be silent.

Poems describing Pak and American friendship will be written,

Nightclubs, golf course, pleasant polo will be enchanting,

will see rapid economic growth,

Harvard University will open its representative office in Pakistan and will give us a scholarship to Afghans.

Haqqani Madrasa will call the United States an Arab mufti in favor of Pakistan and,
I know God is great; he will do justice

This text was written by Professor Seyed Massoud, a former professor at the Faculty of Economics, Kabul University.