Saleh: 50 Million Afghanis municipal facilities stolen by addicts

The first vice president says addicts have stolen more than 50 million Afghanis from municipal facilities in the past six months.

Amrullah Saleh, the first vice president, wrote on his Facebook page on Monday (January 4): “They stole 50 million,” The first deputy urges people who do such things not to buy urban facilities from addicts.

Mr. Saleh has warned that if, after a week, Kabari buyers continue to buy materials for municipal facilities, they will be arrested on charges of 50 Million Afghanis stealing public property.

Amrullah Saleh

Meanwhile, four police people connected with the maintenance of a magnetic mine at a house “reserved” for the Taliban in Kabul have arrested eight areas of the region.

Meanwhile, this morning, in this area of Kabul city, a soldier was wounded due to a magnetic mine explosion on a Ranger vehicle.

Reporter: Mohammad Nabi Karimi

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The Taliban are trying to bring their leadership from Pakistan to Afghanistan

At the Parliament’s interrogation session, the head of national security said that the information showed that the Taliban group was seeking to facilitate the transfer of its leadership and commissions from Pakistan to the country by increasing violence and war.
Ahmad Zia Siraj, speaking today (Monday, January 4) at the Parliament, said the Taliban had expanded the geography of war in the southern and southwestern provinces to this end.


The head of national security said that when Taliban leaders leave Karachi and Islamabad for Qatar, they feel remorse and therefore try to prepare the ground for their presence in Afghanistan.
According to the director of national security, the Taliban’s efforts in the past to secure the group’s leadership presence in Afghanistan have failed and will not succeed.

He also said that the Taliban’s current movements show that the group is focused on Nangarhar province for this purpose.
On the other hand, Ahmad Zia Siraj said that with the start of the second round of talks, we would enter an “important and key” period, and the information received shows that the Taliban do not believe in peace.

According to him, the Taliban is trying to delay the talks so that foreign troops can withdraw entirely from Afghanistan in May.
The head of national security also said that the Taliban had violated most of the agreement they had signed with the United States. He cited rising violence, attacks on highways and cities, the return of released prisoners to the battlefield, and targeted assassinations by the Taliban as examples.

Siraj said the Taliban had resorted to targeted assassinations to undermine trust between the nation and the government.
The head of national security said that targeted assassinations and magnetic mine explosions in Kabul and other major cities were also organized and carried out by the Taliban for the same purpose.
Ahmad Zia Siraj stressed that Rahmatullah Nikzad had been killed in Ghazni by a released Taliban prisoner whom security forces had detained.

Reporter: Shakir Sangi