Security forces seize and discover a truck loaded with explosives

Ghazni province security officials announce the discovery of a truck loaded with explosives in Dah-yak district of the province with the joint coordination of government forces with the national security and the Ahmad Khan Sirat, spokesman for the Ghazni Police Command, says a Mazda-type vehicle containing 1 box of ammonium nitrate explosives, 2 mines remote control, 2 explosives of grain, 2 meters of firewood and 1 pack of the burner. Plateau Burn was in the area just before noon, discovered from the district and taken to Ghazni Center for neutralization.

A government source told a reporter in Ghazni that insurgents used this amount of explosives to organize and carry out terrorist attacks in the army to launch an operation in the province.

Ghazni province and neighboring provinces that were discovered by several Ghazni police before reaching the target. Bloody blasts in the province and neighboring Ghazni provinces have been prevented.