Siddiqui: Dr. Abdullah Abdullah’s ministerial nominees do not have a legal standard

The Presidential Palace says that the list obtained by Dr. Abdullah Abdullah regarding the ministerial nominees for the cabinet is not acceptable to the president and that these nominees do not meet the legal criteria. Presidential spokesman Siddiq Siddiqui told a news conference in Kabul on Tuesday (July 21) that President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani wanted to form a new cabinet this time and select people with political weight in the seats.

Mr. Siddiqui also added that the criteria for becoming a minister for a seat by the presidency and the people is important, which is not the criteria for this ministerial candidate.

It has been two months since the political agreement between Mohammad Ashraf Ghani and Dr. Abdullah, which both called for the establishment of a joint government.

Reporter: Qodsia “Ishaqzai”