Stoltenberg: Maintaining Kabul Airport is essential to the international community

Afghanistan محمد نبی کریمیMohammad Nabi Karimi Saturday June 12th, 2021 0 Views




With the complete withdrawal of US and NATO forces from Afghanistan, the Taliban has recently launched military strikes. But the NATO Secretary General says: “We are very clear-eyed about the challenges, the difficulties we all face in Afghanistan. And we are also clear-eyed about the risks the decision to end our military mission entails.”



“At the same time, to continue the mission would also entail risks, and we decided a few months ago to end the Resolute Support Mission, but to continue to support the Afghans, partly with a continued civilian presence that can provide advice and support to Afghan security institutions, partly by continued funding for Afghan Security Forces and all Allies are committed to continuing to do so. And partly by also looking into how we can provide out-of-country training for the Afghan Security Forces, especially the Special Operations Forces. We are working on that now. But of course, any out-of-country training will be funded by NATO Allies.”


Mr. Stoltenberg added that all NATO allies have pledged to continue funding the Afghan security forces and to work on how to train Afghan special forces outside the country.
And thirdly, we will, we’re also working on, with the NATO Allies, how to maintain important infrastructure, such as an international airport in Kabul. Partly this is something NATO will support, and also we’re looking into how NATO Allies can be part of that effort. Turkey is today a key Ally when it comes to the running of the airport. There is a dialogue now going on between different Allies, including Turkey, on exactly how we can try to continue to provide support for the airport and make sure the airport continues to operate at international standards. Because this is important not only for NATO, but an airport and all the critical infrastructure is important for the whole international community, for the diplomatic presence of all countries, and of course also for development aid and different aid organizations. So NATO Allies are addressing these issues as we speak. And I expect this also to be an issue that will be addressed at the Summit on Monday.


US President Joe Biden announced two months ago that he was withdrawing all US troops from Afghanistan. Withdrawing US troops and other NATO members began on May 1 this year and is scheduled to be completed by September 11 this year. The beginning of the withdrawal of US troops from the war and violence in Afghanistan has also increased.