Japan welcomes Pakistan's role in Afghanistan peace talks

Japan welcomes Pakistan’s role in Afghanistan peace talks

November 26, 2020

The Japanese ambassador to Islamabad has said that Pakistan has played a key role in

Explosion in Kabul

Four people were injured in a landmine explosion in Kabul

November 25, 2020

Four people injured when a magnetic mine exploded in the 12th district of Kabul which two soldiers and two civilians wounded include, According to

فساد در بخش آزمایش ویروس کرونا در آزمایشگاه ها

Millions dollars corruption and the disappearance of corona test kits

November 17, 2020

At least four months earlier, the Public Health health ministry involved private hospitals in the health sector to fulfill the Coronavirus test aft

The President of Ukraine was hospitalized with Corona

The President of Ukraine tested positive and hospitalized

November 12, 2020

Ukrainian officials have reported that President Vladimir Zelinsky has been hospitalized after Infected to COVID 19 virus.

“He first w

The number of coronavirus infections in the world

The number of cases of COVID 19 in the world exceeded 52 million

November 12, 2020

Global reports show that the number of cases of COVID 19  in the world has reached 52 million 441 thousand 495 people.

According to the sta

کشته و زخمی شدن 26هراس افگن طالب در دو لایت کشور

26 Taliban insurgents killed and wounded in two parts of the country

November 08, 2020

Security officials in Helmand and Khost provinces reported that 26 terrorists were killed and wounded in the Marjah district of Helmand province an

استقبال افغانستان از اعلامیه مشترک پاکستان و اتحادیه اروپا

Afghanistan welcomes the joint declaration of Pakistan and the European Union

November 05, 2020

As fighting intensifies and civilians are killed across the country, the State Department says an international call reduces violence. A ceasefire