Explosion in Kabul

Four people were injured in a landmine explosion in Kabul

November 25, 2020

Four people injured when a magnetic mine exploded in the 12th district of Kabul which two soldiers and two civilians wounded include, According to

Assassination of the police chief of Siah Gard district of Parwan

Police chief of Siah Gerd Parwan district killed in Kapisa

November 17, 2020

Security officials in Kapisa province say that “Noor Khoda”, the police chief of Siahgard district of Parwan province, was killed by un

Withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan

Trump: I may speed up the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan

November 12, 2020

Foreign media have reported that the US president may accelerate the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan.

According to CNN, US Presiden

هدف قراردادن نهاد های جامعه مدنی از سوی طالبان

Saleh: The Taliban have decided to attack civil society

November 11, 2020

The first vice president says that based on information from the National Directorate of Security, the Taliban have decided to carry out a terroris

ترامپ: سیستم انتخاباتی ریاست جمهوری در معرض ضرر قرار گرفته است

Trump: The presidential election system is in jeopardy

November 05, 2020

Presidential candidate Trump said about the US election results that the electoral system and the presidential election have been damaged.


پاکسازی سه روستا از وجود طالبان در میدان وردک

Three villages Cleared from Taliban in Maidan Wardak

November 05, 2020

Sources from the 203rd Thunder Corps say that three villages along the Highway No. 2 highway in Maidan Wardak province have been cleared of the Tal

جوبایدن درآستانه پیروزی درانتخابات ریاست‌جمهوری امریکا

Joe Biden is ahead of his rival Trump

November 05, 2020

The US presidential election has been suspended for 24 hours and the counting process is underway. So far, statistics show that the US presidential

صالح: حمله بر دانشگاه کابل برای ما ناکامی استخباراتی است

Saleh: The attack on Kabul University is an intelligence failure for us

November 03, 2020

After the suicide bombers entered Kabul University and started firing, the first vice president said that the attack on Kabul University was an int

حمله مهاجمان بر دانشگاه کابل با کشته شدن سه مهاجم پایان یافت

Three suicide attackers killed by Afghan Special force in Kabul University

November 02, 2020

After six hours of clashes between Special force and suicide attackers at Kabul University, the country’s security officials announced the en