Taliban group laser weapon; advantage or Taliban rumors

Author: Shakib Ahmad Nazari

Since 2014, “Bizbizak or Bezbakak” has become the most known weapon of the Taliban mostly. This name is mainly used among Taliban fighters and even forces fighting them. But the question is, what is this weapon, and why is the Taliban using such a weapon for which purpose? According to U.S. media reports, cooperation between neighboring countries and terrorists has led the group to acquire the most up-to-date weapons made in Ukraine and Russia; sources added that Russia and Iran have been trying to defeat the U.S. in the past few years. Their main objective is to bring American troops down to knees, and using this weapon in the ground by the Taliban is advantageous for them. Also, the reports indicate that the two countries have tried to provide a reward for the Taliban in the response of killing U.S. forces on the battlefields.

The group is acquiring new military tools to destroy their war targets to provide neighboring countries’ interests, with laser weapons, night-vision cameras, and modern weapons such as silent sniper rifles auxiliary shipments. Over the years, provincial officials in several northern and northeastern provinces have told the media: “They have dozens of evidence that Taliban has achieved advanced weapons such as laser weapons, night weapons The sniper rifle is equipped with a silent sniper.”

The Middle East News Agency wrote in a report on 21 March 2017 that Sibghatullah Silab, the deputy of the Faryab Provincial Council, told the media that the Taliban fighters in Belcheragh district were using an advanced laser, night-vision, and sniper weapons during a battle are going on in the district.

In the continuation of this report, Dadullah, the commander of the local police force in Belchiragh district, said that an armed Taliban group led by Mullah Nader had smuggled five laser weapons, known in the local language as Bezbak, from Pakistan into Afghanistan. These weapons are sold at an estimated cost of nearly 20,000 US dollars in most countries’ markets, and their function is by night. These weapons can clear the target from a distance of five hundred meters clearly and transparently.

The Taliban’s laser weapons include a state-of-the-art Ukrainian night-vision camera equipped with  (G.P.S.) and (WiFi) to capture images and video. Of course, it must be said that this device can determine and detect the target by zooming in and out of the target, with its radius and using G.P.S.

Some media outlets also report that most of these cameras are mounted on top of American M4 and M16 weapons, which turn it into a professional weapon and enable the user to Makes night vision. It should be said that this Weapon and night vision used by the Taliban is also capable of charging; after completion of charge, the Taliban fighters can use the weapon and night vision for almost five days.

In guerrilla warfare, The Taliban is using this weapon from the location such as mountains and hills of Afghanistan have changed the war course by using a laser or Bezbak weapons. Although most users of such weapons have been seized during night operations by security forces, the Taliban still in possession of these weapons have been able to resist to some extent. The country’s security and defense will fight.

There are two types of laser weapons or modern night visions. The information shows that the first type of night vision, which is original and made of Ukraine, is considered the most expensive tool, estimated at 20 thousand U.S. dollars. The second type is a copy of Pakistan, which has at least two thousand U.S. dollars in that country’s illegal arms markets. It’s worth it, but the point is that regional intelligence has tried to fuel the war in Afghanistan and secure its interests by producing such tools.

Although the Taliban consider these weapons to be their strength, there are a few simple things to control. First of all, all lighters should be kept on at night in military bases or public places so that the body temperature of individuals and persons is not recognizable in this night vision, and secondly, in the event of a collision with the users of this weapon, immediately Make it clear to eliminate the effects of this weapon.

Both the group’s spokesmen, Zabihullah Mujahid and Qari Mohammad Yousef Ahmadi, in their 1397 and 1398 claims, posted a 24-hour laser operation on their Twitter pages, which somehow demonstrated the group’s strength. But based on an analysis of videos produced by the Taliban, they further exaggerated their power. They tried to increase panic among the people and the country’s public mind, which is equipped with advanced weapons, by launching unprovoked propaganda. What mattered to them was the general fear of these weapons and their tools and facilities, not just the weapons and military facilities of this group.