Taliban lie about the fall of Charkh district

Abdul Manan Tawhedyar
The Taliban and, ultimately, all the Afghan people’s enemies, along with their other great crimes and horrors, have always tried to weaken the Afghan security and defense forces and the country as a whole by launching false propaganda and spreading their terror to the people of this country. Rule the land.

In the latest case, in collusion with the ISI, the Taliban launched a massive propaganda campaign on social media, announcing that the Charkh-e-Logar district was under their control. Unfortunately, several conscious and some unknowingly recognized the armed opposition’s propaganda and expanded it for various purposes; even some of the country’s reputable media outlets sided with the Taliban to increase their audience. This False information made the Taliban positive. In the sense that after over-exploration, Charkh district has not fallen and is not in the Taliban’s hands. The essence of the matter is that based on the security plan as well as the plan presented by the Logar Provincial Council and Security Institutions, it was decided to bring all the facilities that were far from providing public services to the residents of Logar Wheel in one place and Instead, the security checkpoints should be moved to the place. At the same time, there are Taliban movements in this place, and they will not allow the group to carry out public utility projects by moving the bombs, all the health facilities, and centers. Health, for the most part, was banned by the group. The group had closed girls’ and children’s schools in the district and even fired on most civil servants, aiming only to create a home for the Afghan government.

Around Charkh Logar district, it should be said that this district’s building has not been located in a suitable place for several years. Next to this building was a school and a mosque, and one of the reasons this building had become an unsuitable place for government activities was the Taliban. The presence of this building in the mentioned place was used to fire missiles, as a result of which the residents of Charkh district witnessed casualties; The group’s pretext led the Taliban to kill civilians. Another critical issue was that the district building’s presence next to the school was a problem for the students, and due to the lack of classrooms in the school, it was decided to vacate the district building and make it available to students.

Therefore, the local authorities in Logar decided to move the current district building, which was located in the hot water area, from this place to Khaja Ismail area, which is considered to be the district’s history and main building, because it is strategically The security forces and the government was more effective. For these reasons, the Logar Military Council decided to transfer the Charkh district building from the hot springs to Khaja Ismail, which the government also accepted. Therefore, the Taliban used their propaganda method and shamelessly tried to use this government’s action to their advantage and called it the fall of the district. However, evidence suggests that the Taliban have now lost their military capabilities and that the districts they have had in recent years have been limited to maintaining them, and that they have worked hard for the past three years. Their intelligence backers have not been able to bring down a district, but unlike the group’s propaganda machine, it has become so active in recent days that they liken stable government plans to downfall and try to use In this way, and increase military pressure on the battlefield, continue to gain points at the peace talks table.

The author used to work with a charity in the Charkh district, which was one of my views. In recent days, the Taliban have claimed that they have fallen in some districts and launched a force show. Operations have been able to seize vacant buildings for several hours, or they are attacking areas where security forces are retreating tactically to prevent civilian casualties, and the group wants to seize the opportunity. To test their strength and let the people know by scattered shots and making noise, this group can still rule them with terror.