Taliban the rental killers of (Donald Trump)

There is no doubt that the Taliban are mercenaries, because with each passing day, contrary to their claims that they are fighting for the (imaginary) liberation of Afghanistan, this claim is becoming stronger and stronger. Recently, US President Donald Trump tweeted in response to the fact that Russia pays the Taliban to kill Americans and wrote that the Taliban are hired assassins who can be paid for by anyone. They will work for them. But now the United States has hired the Taliban for a long time. He (Donald Trump) went on to say that in fact the Taliban could not kill our soldiers, the Taliban only killed Afghans. So Russia must get its money back from the Taliban. We (the US government) have rented the Taliban for an indefinite period of time so that they can continue to kill voluntarily and in our interests. The Taliban are money-loving and willing to do anything for money. They are even willing to kill themselves. In fact, the Taliban are the best at killing and creating terror. They have killed hundreds of thousands of Afghans during this period and are still terrorizing. The Taliban enjoy killing people. We have hired them to work as our sacrifices for our benefit. What emerges from Donald Trump’s remarks is the fact that no country other than the Afghan government has ever been willing to reveal the facts of the group. But the reality is that the Taliban are proxy soldiers and sacrifices from foreign countries who have made Afghanistan their political arena. The group is fighting fiercely and comprehensively for Pakistan’s interests, and Pakistan is assisting the group politically, militarily, equipment-wise and consultative, and Pakistan has repeatedly made it clear that it supports the Taliban and has considerable influence. It belongs to this group and the leaders of this group live in the territory of this group. The Islamic Republic of Iran has also repeatedly provided financial and equipment assistance to the group, as the United States has put pressure on its enemy in Afghanistan, for which there is ample evidence. Russia has also stepped up cooperation with the Taliban since US President Donald Trump accused Pakistan of supporting terrorism and cutting aid to the country, and Pakistan has moved closer to Russia in return. And even Russian soldiers were seen in the group’s ranks for training the group. China, as a strategic ally of Pakistan, has cooperated with the group in line with Pakistani policies, and in some cases has provided financial and equipment assistance to the group through Pakistan, and has repeatedly emphasized its readiness to cooperate. It is in the process of peace and inter-Afghan meetings that this shows how close the Chinese are to the Taliban. Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar are strong supporters of the group, which is financially supportive of the group and provides financial support to the group so that the group can carry out its intelligence and strategic demands. Implement countries in Afghanistan. Given the group’s relationship with countries in the region, what Donald Trump is saying is an objective fact that all Afghans are aware of. Otherwise, if this group is Afghans, they will never kill their compatriots in mosques, on the roads or on the roads. However, the reality is that the Taliban are committing suicide bombings, and those killed and wounded in these incidents are Afghans. So, according to the Taliban themselves, where is the benefit of the jihad that they have started? They justify their inhumane acts, which are the result of terror and terror for the realization of the interests of outsiders, behind the scenes of Islam. But the reality is that this group has never spoken out for the interests of Afghanistan other than the interests of foreign countries, but they have deceived the people by giving their actions in a religious manner. But now people are aware that they are no longer deceived by this group. In particular, the continuation of the post-peace war with the United States made it clear to the Afghan people that the Taliban were no longer proxy troops abroad, and that in the case of US military leases for an indefinite period of time, the group’s peace treaty with the United States The group’s signature stated that our war with the Americans is over and will continue with the Afghan National Army. A war that has no logical or religious reason other than the continuation of the scenario of wars of this group in favor of foreign countries.