The Afghan delegation and Taliban meeting in Doha

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The high-ranking delegation of the Afghan government led by Abdullah Abdullah and the Taliban delegation started today in Doha, the capital of Qatar.


An important two-day meeting to discuss the transitional government, the release of several Taliban prisoners, and the ceasefire, according to TV 1 information.


Abdullah Abdullah, chairman of the Supreme National Reconciliation Council, told the meeting that the war in Afghanistan had no military solution and that both sides should focus their efforts on finding a political solution.

عبدالله عبدالله در دوحه


Mr. Abdullah stressed that a regional and global consensus on peace should not be undermined.


At the same time, the Supreme National Reconciliation Council chairman said that no one should impose his demands on the people unjustly.


Mullah Baradar, the Taliban’s political deputy, also told the meeting that patience should be exercised in the peace process to end mistrust.


He stressed that Afghanistan must get out of need, and to achieve that, it is necessary to establish a robust Islamic government.


This is the second time that the Supreme Council of National Reconciliation chairman is attending the Doha summit.


The meeting comes as Taliban attacks have escalated in recent days, narrowing the window of hope for peace from the heart of the meeting.


The earlier Afghan government has stated that the Taliban are looking to retake power in Afghanistan. According to the Afghan president, at least ten thousand Pakistani fighters are now in Afghanistan.


It is also said that the group is now looking to gain more territory in Afghanistan. This meeting is held in Doha among top officials from Afghanistan and Pakistan.


Earlier, Taliban political office deputy mullah bradar said that the group now understands that bloodshed is not in favor of Afghan communities. However, he has insisted that both sides must cooperate to stop the war in the country.


According to statics, Afghanistan is facing a terrible situation; at least 7500 Lashkar-Tayba militias have been deployed to Afghanistan to fight in the rank of the Taliban.


But Pakistan shamefully denies its support to the Taliban on the ground. Still, reports indicate that the Taliban insurgents who were wounded in the Afghan war are now being treated in Pakistan Chaman.