The apparent thefts of the Kabul Breshna company from poor citizens

Some Kabul city residents in the eighth district say that the Kabul Breshna Sherkat administration has committed blatant thefts and the employees of this department extort money from impoverished citizens every day. In the latest case, many of these residents have sent documents to expose widespread corruption in the Kabul Breshan Department. The story begins when the Kabul municipality wants to build a concrete road in the third street of the Eighth District in Kabul’s Maranjan hill, but the installation of an electricity base in the middle of this road has prevented the reconstruction work, and the municipality asks the locals to cooperate. Under the Kabul Breshna Sherkat department’s auspices, the locals should transfer the electricity base from one place to another.

Qari Saifuddin Hakimi, a local representative for the 8th District, 7th area of Kabul, said: “After the Kabul Municipality proposal, several local elders and I went to the Breshna department to solve this problem. Following the request, we were unable to bring the Breshna Department engineers to the site within three days. “When they arrived on the fourth day, it was complicated for us to get their signatures and get things done by paying for the car rental we were forced that we should pay the amount to engineers.”


According to Mr. Hakimi: “however, the work was not completed here, and the Kabul Department of Breshna Sherkat Administration had told the residents that they should provide all the materials and equipment for the re-installation of this base.” Mr. Hakimi added: “After the field engineers performed their assessments, we went to the Kabul branch of the Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat department. Several officials told us that the department had no means to move the base or materials to re-install. They do not have it, so all the costs of transferring this electricity base must be borne by the residents.”

The representative of the locals for the seventh pass of Karte-e-Naw says that the locals accepted the offer of the Kabul Breshna presidency; But on the 11th day, the Kabul Breshna Sherkat Office asked them to pay the electricity bill, which all locals benefit from; On the other hand, Sufi Ainuddin, one of the local elders, says: “The people of this place even don’t have food to eat, as long as they can afford to pay extra money. This is corruption itself, and the Breshna presidency uses the money of the poor citizens of this land.”

Abdul Ahmad, another elder of the Seventh Passage in the eighth district of Kabul, said: “From a legal point of view, it is the responsibility of the Breshna presidency to do its job, but the local representatives and the local elders are doing their job to protect the interest of residents, to serve their people, and they have done so. followed all the instructions of the Breshna presidency, but Unfortunately, the Breshna presidency is now asking us to pay a few hours’ ransoms as they are taking the electricity base to another place.”

In response to this issue, Wahidullah Tawhidi, spokesman for Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat, said: “Seriously, we are investigating this case, and we assure the locals that we will address our dear customers’ problem in the site as soon as possible. If their problem is acute, they can call the Breshna department at 144 to have their problem addressed by us.”

Overcrowding, unfair distribution of electricity, and electricity consumption are among Kabul citizens’ constant accusations about the Kabul Municipality services. However, the General Directorate of Afghanistan Breshna Company announces the beginning of investigations into this problem of the residents of Karta-e-Naw.